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The domain industry has moved forward so quickly. It feels just the other day that we were having dial-up internet connectivity installed and on our Telkom lines. Here we are today where we have Apple and Google jostling for the first position as the world’s most valuable companies. Both of these companies are valued in the hundreds of billion-dollar amounts.

It should therefore be no surprise that estate on the internet now carries massive value as well. Space on the internet has become hot property and just as an exclusive residential address carries a price tag in the millions, so too does an exclusive internet property address.

Internet property is referred to as a domain name and this name is your internet address. The more exclusive the address, the bigger the price.

We in South Africa have now also grasped and started appreciating the value of these exclusive internet addresses. As a result of this newly found appreciation, domain name values are soaring. For the first time ever, South Africa has had domain name sales reaching well into the millions of rands.

Staff at SA Domain Authority have much experience in the domain name game and this enables us to forecast and predict many situations that may arise in this newly found competitive industry.

Choosing the right name at the right price is the name of the game here and with our guidance, we will assist you with the perfect match.

It has not been an easy road as the South African market has always been behind American and European countries with this regard. With the support of our legal team over the years, we have now crossed that bridge successfully.

We have reached the point where we too understand, appreciate and value the correct domain names for our businesses. Whether it be for visibility or investment purposes, the time has arrived and SA Domain Authority is here to guide and assist you and your businesses in choosing the right names for your internet visibility and investment purposes.


SA Domain Authority strives to register domain names for the desired result of visibility and investment.

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